Halloween DIY Decor

This year we were assigned in the clinic to decorate the area with a Halloween meets superhero theme. I had my hopes up a month to several weeks prior and I was very much eager to start Halloween preparations but we only got the go signal to do it 2 days before Halloween. Still, I tried to give my best effort with the little time we had. I had asked for so much art materials but ended up using only a few items since I really lacked the time to do it. I’ll walk you through the process of creating our decorations and hope that you pick up a thing or two that you could try in the future. By the way, most of the decors here were inspired by various arts and crafts ideas from the internet and I am just sharing how we all made it possible and combined different elements to create our design.


  1. Bats on the wall– these were cut out bats that my co-workers got from the internet. It was a great idea that they chose different sized bats with varying shapes which made the decoration more interesting instead of plain some of the paper used where folding so it also made the illusion that the bats were flapping their wings and they were arranged in such a way that it frames our television.
  2. City Skyline Backdrop– this is very simple to make and all you need is a thick cardboard, a ruler, a pencil, a glue, and some colored paper. At first, I drew with a ruler an imaginary skyline kinda like that of the skyline in Batman where people would beam out his logo so he could get to them and know their location. After drawing the skyline we cut it out and stuck small squares to serve as windows of the buildings.45005200_2118757555105742_1892204312482807808_n
  3. Superhero beams– this one is easy. we just printed out logos of different superheroes and glued them to a piece of paper shaped into a light beam. Then we randomly stuck them on the skyline just like that in batman. We also added comic book sounds like BAAM!, POOP!, ARGGH! on the black backdrop so it gives the illusion that the superheroes are already in the city fighting off bad guys.
  4. Trick or Treat- We then cut out the letters from a comic book type picture from the internet to form the words. However, I guess I made the wrong color combination in the background cardboard we used because instead of the letters standing out it became so much harder to read. My bad 😛45001815_489408061554930_5738702041241354240_n
  5. Scary balloons- We just used regular white party balloons here and blew air into them. They served as scary ghosts in the decor since we were asked not to make the decor too scary for the children so this was how answered that specification. I used a permanent marker to draw the scary faces, eyeball, and monster cat on the balloon and the marker dried up really fast and was very easy to use. They are super easy to do and requires little to no imagination at all. We stuck them to the wall using a regular scotch tape. 44983331_488738061613733_4251671216747708416_n
  6. Superhero mask- I downloaded several free masks on the internet and printed them out on regular paper after which we stuck them to cardboard using glue and placed a stick so children can hold and use them for picture taking. There are many awesome masks on the internet that would ask for payment for the images so just be diligent in looking for free and high-quality photos. 45100766_280810629433999_8413767351484284928_n
  7. Ghost stool- This one is a very resourceful and a witty idea made by my co-worker. Here he just laid a plain white cloth on a stool and then stuck blackened pieces of paper to create the face along with a crafted ribbon on the side to make the ghost cuter. 😉45082949_1019249994933344_2510196414991040512_n

Hope you got a thing or two from our simple Halloween decor. I don’t get to see the children enjoying our decorations because I am always busy consulting patients but it really makes me happy hearing from the inside their cute laughter making them forget they were sick in the first place. I hope to create other decors this coming Christmas and New year. I will definitely be posting that too here in my blog.

Happy Halloween! Pray for you dearly departed relatives!




Dear Patient… Sincerely, Your Doctor.

I honestly want to help you. But please don’t come to us for excuses and lies so you may skip school, work, financial obligations among others… Don’t make us your accomplices.

Please don’t malign other doctors who treated you before you came to us. I am sure they did their best as I am giving mine right now to help you. Sometimes treatments may not work, your personalities may have clashed, you felt you needed more help but that’s not enough reason to bad mouth them. They are humans too. Plus it won’t help your treatment either.

Sometimes we want to be asked how are days went… Often days just pass us by and eventhough we have abundance of human interaction sometimes we do feel alone. May be you can brighten up our day too.

You can be honest with us. Stop lying because it won’t help your treatment. Keeping even small details from us for whatever reason can often direct the effectiveness of your treatment. We are not here to judge you but to be your ally.

The best treatment is that which is not given hastily and was done thorough. Please don’t grumble that it takes too long to wait for your turn. extra care is being given to the patient who came before of you and which you will soon experience. Every person is unique and it takes time to know the little details that make each person and disease.

Please respect our other healthcare allies ex. nurses, pharmacist, clinic assistants, janitors among others. These people are as vital to your treatment as much as a doctor. Often we disregard their contributions into making health care accessible to you and most importantly healing you. As much respect as a doctor begets this must also be shared and extended to these very hard working people.

You are the key to your own healing. Often, we go to the doctor and expect that his magic hands will remove all the ailments we have. But at the end of the day, your cooperation, compliance, and willingness to follow advises and life style changes will make or break your treatment. The way you treat your body pre-ailment also matters. Taking care of yourself and living a healthy lifestyle are still the best ways to keep those doctor visits away.

My New Home

I have recently transferred to a new home and it is one of those big leaps in life that you keep delaying and thinking that you can’t make but thankfully you did. I was having self doubts regarding my ability to avail, maintain, and create a home for my new family for almost the entire year. It definitely gave me sleepless nights due counting all the reasons why to push through and negating them one by one.

This leap really made me feel like an adult and I am giving my self a pat on the back. Through out the process of having the home there were definitely a lot of thing that I learned. I would like to share it with you and hope that when you have the courage to make the same decisions I did, it will be much easier for you.

  1. Pray for it. -The best guidance would still come from above and all the guidance you would need will come from Him.
  2. Plan and save ahead of time-Have a timeline of the things that you want to accomplish and save as much as you because lessors can ask too much for security and deposit for your home. These people can sense you desperateness and ask on the spot payments or reservations. Don’t be fooled take your time according to your plans.
  3. List specifications you want in a home- When me and Lyon were looking for a home, Lyon made it clear that he wanted a place with definite rooms and not just partitions or studio type spaces. We wanted a kitchen. A not so large space that could be cozy and still be enough to entertain guests. It should be near our work. And good ventilation! However, to be honest, we only knew what we wanted after searching for several weeks separately and not finding a common place which we wanted both.
  4. Set a budget- None of us would want to spend too much on rent money and not have anything more for other needs of the family. Having decided on the specs of the home you want came definitely steer you the right house with the right price. Stick to your budget and sometimes you will have to compromise at the end of the day it will be worth it.
  5. Make sure every nook and cranny of the home is A-OK.- We admit this is one of the steps we missed out. When we saw the home we have now and it had all that we needed we immediately signed the deal and took it. However, after a few days of living it in we noted that the plumbing and faucets were awful, arrangement of everything was slightly lower for my almost 6 foot boyfriend, the door locks were in bad shape and no sunlight was directly shining on us so even in the day every light needs to be open. These things except the last could have been shouldered by our landlord if we had known and pointed it out but we didn’t so its our problem now. But these things are not a super big deal just minor bumps that we can tackle our own.
  6. Make sure that previous balances and bills of the previous leaser were already taken cared for. You wouldn’t want to be shouldering expenses you didn’t incur in the first place and might cause disconnection of the unpaid utilities. Lay it down well to your landlord that any previous bills need to be cleared by them first before you come in.
  7. Pest pest pests. Make sure that the house is clean of pests. Sometimes just the initial smell of a building can already give you a hint of cockroach or rat infestation. Better check the surroundings as well to see whether there could be mosquito laying areas, garbage dumps, or open drainages that may bring unnecessary visitors to your home.
  8. Finally, everything is a beautiful process that has to be appreciated. This I am guilty to have forgotten. I was so stressed into making things work so fast. Fixing, cleaning, organizing, arranging stuff that I miss to appreciate the hard work and sacrifices that me and Lyon had put into this new home. I couldn’t have been prouder of our newest achievement. Hopefully we continue our teamwork into making our place a homier house for our family.

Hopefully, these tips had helped you and I hope that you achieve your dream homes in the future! 😚

A Midbook Review of Anne Frank’s Diary

I have just started reading the Diary of Anne Frank mostly to make myself sleep at night. I am almost into half of the book and I could say that for the most part as an adult I could still relate to her youthful woes. Could I then say that I am still immature as her or do I live in such a dysfunctional family set up that I make relate to her a lot?

Some of her insights too I think are mature for her age in that she is forced to act a certain way not to instigate tension, hatred and above all else attact negative attention toward herself. And again today, I still get that. Being the opinionated one and being dismissed off because you are too much of a nuisance to the status quo of everything is the music of my life right now.

I could not fathom myself being able to survive the constraints of her living situation due the war and it makes me think of how blessed and ungrateful I am of what I have now. As a doctor who are fond of the elderly I can’t believe how strong these people are to have survived such harrowing points in the history of mankind. And because of that I try to give them more attention and patience.

Now that I am in the middle of the book it still bothers me how Hitler could have just decided that he doesn’t want to deal with Jews and to eradicate them from the face of the Earth? Where does all these hatred and backward thinking stemming from? He is already in hell now? I will research on it.

Till my next bookend review! Bye

My what ifs…

I have this habit at night, just right before sleeping where i replay certains scenes in my day or in the past and then I re do it my head and imaging possiblities that could have changed if i did this differently… Well this night I decided to write about it.

My what ifs for today are:

1. What if never left my college Alma Mater? Would I be much healthier and happier? Would I be given a chance to teach eventhough I did not have latin honors?

2. What if I instead had another boyfriend/husband (not that I am don’t love him anymore or that I am doubting him) would I have been married with 3 children by this time?

3. What if I never ever opened my mouth whenever I complained about things? Would I have more friends than I do now?

4. What if did not come to work today? I would have definitely wanted to call in sick today even though I’m not… I even came to work an hour early! GAAAAAH…

5. What if I never came back for 2nd, 3rd or 4th servings of food during meals? Would I be slim and sexy enough that Lyon would love to show off his friends? Will I feel much better/healthier because back in the day I always knew I was insecure with body even when I was so much thinner.

6. What if I just once scolded and offend that ill mannered patient I had today and just kicked him out of the consulation room becuase he is too rude? I would have loved to land an upper cut on his face. More people are having less and less manners now…

7. What if I studied now instead of blogged would I still be awake until now?

8. What if I did enter the military would money be much easier now? Would I be happy? Would I be sexy? Would I survive the training?

9. What if I continued sketching women giving birth when I was 9 years old and practiced would I have been a prodigy?

10. What if I became a farmer or a gardener would I be great in it?

So many things to ponder on yet no time to spend changing them. I just hope my choices today are the right steps towards the right direction.



An Opening that is Unusual

Today, I had a male patient who is very sickly looking brought by 3 different women, one was his mother, the other his employer and the last one was a friend. All three were very much involved in the patient talking one over the other telling me how the patient feels and how his illness progressed. My patient is gay and I think these ladies were just waiting for him or me to hint or confirm and press on him that he might have HIV and it is his fault.

I made sure to save my patient this stress and kicked out these ladies from my consult room. Then I did my job and questioned him and informed him that I am his advocate and will let him have his own pace in his treatment. After all, he is already an adult and has all the right to the course of his treatment. He then admitted that he was indeed engaging in unprotected sex with random people and claims he joins social media clans where he pick up and exchange details with random people he would have the night with.

I was shocked at this information. He claimed that almost all gay men in our community are members and that not only do they use the clan to get sex they also use it to recruit these men into testing themselves regularly for STDs and HIV. Immediately, I saw an opening for possible penetration of my health services and guidance to this very vulnerable sector of our community.

My patient claimed that they have a member who was a nurse who served as their guide through understanding the process of HIV screening and interpreting their results. He would once every few months remind their members to go in groups and have themselves submitted for testing. They also have occasional general assemblies that tackle issues in their group. I immediately volunteered myself and told him that I could educate their group and they could invite me for a small talk for them. I also told him that he could tell his friends that I am available to counsel them one by one if they are too shy or scared.

Recently, it has been bothering me thinking of ways on how I could possibly become more involved with my community’s health. This moment with my patient is an opportunity to forge a connection with the people living with the everyday burden of uncertainty as to their health condition. I hope my patient tells his friends and co-clan members of the help I am willing to extend for them. I hope I have made him feel that he is not judged and that there are people willing to listen and guide them.